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Try Me


Try Me is an electronic t-shirt that tweets the meaning of hugs @bomboniahugs.
Hugs are a very popular gesture. We hug to say ‘Hi!’, we hug to mean ‘It's been nice to see you’ and we also hug to express much more: ‘I’d really love to see you again’, ‘Mmmm you smell so good’ or ‘Who cares if tomorrow never comes’ and we can give those different meanings in a very subtle way just by holding the hug a little longer. Try Me measures that time, figures out the meaning of the hug and sends updates to my account in Twitter.

Pics here.

Try Me has been awarded the Editor's Choice Blue Ribbon at Maker Faire NYC 2010. It's been invited to the International Symposium of Wearable Computers in Seoul 2010, Tokyo University's MetaPerception Group / Ishikawa-Oku Lab and showcased at different venues in NYC like the Gizmodo Show '09, the ITP Spring Show '09, the Media Lounge Show '09, at the Saint Valentine's Chocolate and I in 2010 and at 3LD Art Space in 2011.
Special thanks to Rory, Rodrigo and Anaid.